Working with me will be an investment in yourself and in your future. Why not give yourself that gift?

Career Transition/ Outplacement Coaching 

Find yourself in transition in your career?  Perhaps this has arisen through role restructure, redundancy or your personal choice to explore options.

This coaching programme provides you with an opportunity, through a structured process, to consider your career in the context of your wider life.  We’ll use a range of self-assessment tools to clarify what makes the right type of role for you. We’ll explore how you can be successful in finding this role, including writing a CV that reflects your chosen direction.  You’ll develop an understanding of job search strategies and interview coaching. With added insight, you will be able to move confidently towards the next phase of your life, focusing on securing the role that is right for you. 

Career Management Coaching

Are you considering moving from your current role because it’s no longer meeting your needs?  Perhaps you want a different work-life balance? A Career Management programme enables the opportunity to identify your best fit role and confidently explore with key people within your organisation how this might be achieved – through enriching your present role, moving to new challenges within your current organisation or perhaps moving on.

Work-life Integration including Phased Retirement

You’re not interested in retiring fully, but you would like to consider how to work in a different way as you move forward. Perhaps you have child care or eldercare responsibilities and need to work in less traditional ways.

Our Work-life integration programme, adapted to your circumstances, is a structured coaching programme that will enable you to make informed choices about how you might remain in the workforce in rewarding roles that meet your needs.  For older workers it explores ways you can continue to work in a fulfilling way, retaining respect within your work environment – or transition away from paid work to rewarding involvement within your community.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Want to be able to say: “I can’t believe I get paid to do this job! I love it – it’s such a natural fit for me!” MBTI enables you to better understand your own preferences and areas for development. It is great for personal and career development and provides valuable insights for career and leadership coaching. When we are in a role that fits our personal preferences we thrive.

Leadership Development

Are you considering whether you are ready to make a move towards leadership? A key to leadership development is clarity about career goals.  Perhaps you are in a position where you are keen to progress your career and need to make the crucial call about whether you want to be a technical leader or a people leader.  We have a range of assessment tools to support these coaching conversations. 


Your people are your greatest resource. An investment in them is an investment in your organisation.

Outplacement Programmes

We offer comprehensive career transition/ outplacement programmes to executives, managers, technical or specialist employees and staff, who are in a position of transition from their current situation.  This may have come about through redundancy or personal choice, including retirement. Programmes are tailored and appropriate support will be offered dependant on individual needs. Contact me to find out more.

Career Management Coaching

A Career Management programme enables individuals to clarify what is important in a role in order to be fully energised and productive.

Why should organisations support their people in this coaching?  The current COVID driven work environment presents the opportunity for valued employees – those who are most proactive, energetic and focused – to test out the market where there are currently more roles than good candidates. Organisations can’t afford to lose these valuable, marketable employees who will often only inform their managers that they are leaving once the deal is done.  Whether during change or stability, an organisation that provides career management opportunities is regarded as a workplace which values its people.

Work-life Integration including Phased Retirement

The current pandemic is seeing many people re-evaluate what is important in their lives and as a result, some are considering major life changes, including differences in the way they choose to work. This phenomenon is impacting people across the age spectrum.  Individuals are expecting flexibility – for lifestyle gains, child or elder care responsibilities or simply regaining a sense of control over their choices. Set this situation alongside the fact that the average age of the population is increasing, leading to a global reduction in the size of the labour force.  To respond, organisations need to have a diversity strategy and, as part of this, they become ‘age compliant’. 

Changing attitudes to traditional retirement represents a major opportunity for employers to retain this valuable group beyond ‘retirement’ age – if the older person chooses this.  An organisation that recognises diversity by demonstrating flexibility in catering for the differing lifestyle needs of its valued employees is an organisation of choice. We consult with leaders to enable them to address this crucial issue. We coach employees to clarify how best to approach their important life stages in a way that enables them to experience fulfilment, identify their purpose and achieve their goals.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Team and Individual Development

Myers Briggs is a respected tool that helps people to understand themselves and appreciate others’ differences, providing the opportunity for heightened self-awareness and more effective teamwork. It provides valuable insights for career and leadership coaching.

Team development workshops benefit from increased recognition and respect of similarities and differences within teams.  The awareness gained enables clarification of natural strengths, heightened awareness of leadership style, more effective communication, time management and problem-solving strategies, all positively influencing the effectiveness of team leaders and their teams.

Change Leadership and Management

Change and transition is a constant in organisations. Great organisations have leaders who navigate the challenges, ambiguity and stresses of change and transition. In these organisations change is well managed while at the same time the day-to-day work still gets done as expected. These organisations recognise the difference between organisational change and individual transition and ensure that both are addressed effectively. We coach leaders of change, through workshop or individually, to understand and apply the key leadership attributes necessary for successful change.   We investigate the challenges faced by workplace change and transition and ensure leaders gain strategies to lead change effectively, often when they themselves are impacted by the changes.  We also facilitate workshops for employees, focusing on assisting employees to effectively navigate their way through change and transition.

Leadership Development

A key to leadership development is clarity about career goals.  We have a range of assessment tools to support these coaching conversations. Great leaders, whether technical or people leaders, are self-aware. They understand their own strengths and areas for development. Tools we use to achieve this self-awareness include Myers Briggs which enables understanding of personal preferences and resultant impact on leadership style.  The Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment is a valuable 360 tool that is a great way of heightening awareness of impact of one’s own behaviour on others and understanding appropriate responsiveness to others’ behaviour.